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Great Discoveries

Discovering the Americas

Before the discoveries, the Renaisance period started. Renaisance taught that the center of thinking is not God anymore, but the human being. At this time, everyone thought the world is flat. People wanted to prove that the world is round. Meanwhile, in India agriculture was very successful. There were all kinds of spices and raw materials such as pepper, cotton, cinnamon, ginger, sugarcane, and ivory. Queen Isabella employed Columbus to sail to India. His ship was called Santa Maria. On October 12th (Friday) 1492, he reached America. Since Columbus didn't know that America was in between Europe and Asia he thought America was India. C.C.discovered America in Friday so Friday is now known as the day of the discoveries. Later, in America he became the leader in one of the colonies.

There were a few consequences of the Great Discoveries. The Indians culture was destroyed because of the newcomers new way of life. The newcomers tricked the Natives Americans to trade their gold for less valuable objects. From this unfair trade the Spanish got rich. Instead of working on their textiles the Spanish bought their work materials because of their trading profit. Now, Europe was in the middle of world trade. The pilgrims started to sail to the Americas and the population steadily grew.


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Christopher Columbus

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A picture of my Histöri Notebook...we had to draw a Caravella. This is similar to CC's ship, Santa Maria.
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