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II. French Revolution

1848. February

In the year of 1848, was the start of another revolution in France. In the 1830s France didn't get the title of a Republic. France was still ruled by a king, which at the time was Louis Phillip. Only aristocrats had the right to vote. In 1847, there was an economic crises. Louis Phillip banned the banquet that was assigned for February 22nd. The citizens got angry and barricaded the streets with cobblestones and other objects. On the 23rd soldiers went and stopped all the rebels in the strike. Then one soldier shot out a bullet and then a whole gunfire started. The soldiers shot hundreds of people which left many people laying on the streets, dead. From this point the revolution was unstoppable. On February 24th, the rebels invaded the kings castle. The rebels took the king's throne out to the streets and and victoriously burned it. Louis escaped to another country. The rebels then made a temporary governament. The citizens then proclaimed France a republic. They also introduced the general right to vote for everyone. These were considered reforms of the revolution.

The streets of the 1848. revo. .....HI!

The streets of Paris during the revolution of 1848.
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