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History Lounge



Hogy hívják a a süket macit?






haha! de vicces!

Please take a few seconds to admire the spinning cheese below....

Cheese Wheel, Spinning

Interveiw with the staff!!!:
Press: Hello! How do you feel after creating your first history site?
Staff: Well...I feel the same, but I still have that feeling that I have a history site! :D
Press: ok...What was the hardest page to write?
Staff: Umm...hardest page is...or was...or still is....Hunyadi Janos! That's why it isn't even started! no...j/k. it'll be done soon. IN TWO LANGUAGES!!! :D
Press: Wow! in 2 languages! then you got to translate!! :D
Staff:'s harder to translate to Hungarian! English is much easier....
Press: yeah.. i see... :)
Staff: aha. :D
Press: What's up with the Belga song on the front page?
Staff: has to do with History and it's by Belga! :) so it's a 2 in 1! :D
Press: I agree...I like it too! By the way, what's your favorite subject?
Staff: ...............................
Press: ok. i see. nevermind then...XD
Staff: XP
Press: ok ok. Thanx for the interview! :D The site's great! :)
Staff: yeah! it is! You're welcome! :D :D :D :D :D

Fun Fact! Did you know that some people prefer to eat a rotten American muffin instead of a fresh Hungarian muffin?

Pic from Croatia

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