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The Castle of Eger

Eger in 1552

The castle of Eger's captain was Dobó István. He became captain in 1549. Dobó perfectly planned his attack to the Turks. He set up the canons, gunpowder, traps, and most importantly his army. He said up his army to defend the castle as much as possible. The king ordered at least 500 people to defend the castle but more than 2000 showed up.
    The Turks attack the castle on September 4th of 1552. The castle defenders tried to force the Turks to retreat. The Hungarian defenders attacked the Turks with great force and technique. As the Turks climed up the castle walls on ladders, Dobó Katica dumped buckets of boiling water on the Turks heads which caused them to fall off.  Even women took part of the fight. More and more of the Turks were defeated. After one month of fighting. Suleyman I. sultan retreated his army from the fight.

Eger! Eger! Eger! I was in Eger! :-)
A picture of the Dobó Tér from the castle itself...
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The famous castle of Eger!