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Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. In 1793, he fought against the English ships in the Toulon harbour. At this time he was 24 years old. Napoleon made several campaigns to Europe (Italy, Egypt, and Austria) and against England. He also became the member of the First Consul. In 1804 December 2nd , he crowned himself emperor. In 1805, he unfortunately lost a naval battle against Nelson admiral. One year later, he won at Jena, which was situated in Prussia. He then introduced the Napolesnic Code which abolished feudalism. Napoleon was tricky, so he married the Austrian emperor's daughter for pure power. In Russia, (1812) he had a military campaign. The weather was freezing cold and more than half of his army died and could not return home to France. Kutusov, the Russian General, escaped and burned the fields. Napoleon, in 1814, conquered the Allied Power. He was stranded on the island of Elba. His last battle was in Waterloo, (1815) where he got defeated by General Wellington.  

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Emperor Napoleon
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