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French Revolution

July 14th 1789

On the 14th of July an angry mob attacked and destroyed the Bastille. The people that attacked were reforms and wanted to modernize the country. Instead of a absolute monarchy they wanted a constitutional monarchy. Before the revolution there was the old time regime. In the regime there were three estates; the commoners, the clergy, and the nobles.

The reason for the revolution was because there was poverty, famine and an empty treasury. Reforms wanted to change this...and this was a start of a revolution!


The nobles then went to the Tennis Court and made an oath that they won't come out until the king, Louis the XVI, wrote a constitution. After he wrote the constitution, the form of state changed to a constitutional monarchy. 
In August of 1789, the Declaration of Right of Men was introduced. It stated that everyone should be equal, there should be no tithe and that nobles should pay tax. But, there was still famine & poverty. Louis the XVI didn't know what to do, so he escaped to Versailles and asked for help. The women got mad, and marched to Versailles and brought the king back to Paris. This was called the Womens' March to Versailles. When he was brought back to Paris he got beheaded by a guillotine. (1793) After his death, the form of state became a Republic.

Dates to remember
Bastille- July 14th 1789
Declaration of Right of Man- August 26th 1789
National Convent- September 21st 1789

Louis the XVI's execution...with the help of the guillotine.

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