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Szent László

Szent László

Szent László reigned from 1045-1095. He was the son of  Béla I, king of Hungary, and the Polish princess Richeza. Szent László was born in Poland, where his father had sought refuge, but was recalled by his elder brother Andrew I to Hungary. He succeeded to the throne on the death of his uncle Géza in 1077, as the eldest member of the royal family, and speedily won for himself a reputation to that of Stephen I, by nationalizing Christianity and laying the foundations of Hungary's political greatness. Recognizing that Germany was the enemy of Hungary, Szent László formed a close alliance with the pope and all the other enemies of the emperor Henry IV. Szent László married Adelaide, who was the daughter of the Duke of Bavaria.
The collapse of the German emperor in his struggle with the pope left Szent László free to extend his dominions towards the south, and colonize and Christianize Erdély and the lower Danube. He built the fortresses of Turnu-Severin (Szörény Vár) and Gyula Fehérvár. He subsequently conquered Croatia, though here his authority was questioned by the pope, the Venetian republic and the Greek emperor. Szent László died suddenly in 1095 when about to take part in the First Crusade.


                                            I. Szent László

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