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Prime Ministers of Hungary



 Tisza Kálmán- He was the prime minister of Hungary from 1875 to 1890. The members from the Deák and left middle party , who accepted the agreement, united and formed the Freedom party. The prime minister became Tisza Kálmán. To this day, no one else besides him was prime minister of Hungary for 15 years! The members of the left middle party who didn't agree with the agreement, formed the Independence party. Tisza was a talented and purposeful politician.
In the 1880s, the industrial revolution unraveld.  Europe changed and because of these changes, Tisza Kálmán couldn't keep up the parliament and the trust of Ferenc József. In 1890, he handed in his resignation.

Wekerle Sándor- He was the prime minister of Hungary from 1892-1895. After the downfall of Tisza Kálmán, they changed prime ministers more often. The most significant politician in the 1890s of Hungary, who was not a from a noble- landowner origin was Wekerle Sándor.

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